February 8, 2005

Introducing Warranty Work:

New service aimed at job seekers added to the Warranty Week website.

It is with great pleasure that we add a new service to the Warranty Week website aimed at job seekers in the warranty profession. What we're calling "Warranty Work" will hopefully grow over time from the two ads included in this week's issue into a standalone section of the Web site with hundreds or perhaps thousands of job openings and résumés.

But we need your help. If you're an employer and you have a job opening for a warranty professional, or if you're a warranty professional and you're looking for a change of employment, please send along a description such as these, which we'll post for you. We'll take care of the online posting for now, until we can get everybody signed up for the new password-protected section of the Web site that's also going live tonight.

If you don't want your name or the name of your company to be part of the description, follow the first example below. Sign up for a Hotmail or a Yahoo Mail account, so you don't inadvertently disclose a company name in the email address. We will necessarily need to know who you are before giving you read/write access privileges, but you can remain anonymous in terms of what's actually posted online.

If you don't mind mentioning the name of your company, follow the second example below. While plain text is the easiest to work with, the posting of Word documents and of course HTML-formatted text also will be supported. This means that within limits, the service will support the inclusion of graphics, stylized fonts and company logos, not to mention hot links to other Web pages and email addresses.

As much as we need help filling the new section with content, we also need help with the functionality. What should this jobs section include? What kinds of search, print, email, and editing capabilities does it need? Yahoo's HotJobs.com service and the Monster.com Web site do a great job matching millions of job openings to job seekers. We're not going to even attempt to compete with that. But we will attempt to carve out a little niche for warranty professionals of all stripes who are either looking for warranty work or have positions to fill.


Nationwide Service Administration company is looking for a Director of Product Management and Development to drive our growth and profitability goals. We are looking for a seasoned leader with 8 to 10 years experience, to include the following knowledge and skills:

  • Prior corporate experience leading product management teams and product development processes
  • Proven ability to identify new product concepts and manage developmental process through to implementation
  • Experience leveraging various sources of information to validate potential appeal of various product concepts
  • Experience leading product pricing efforts
  • Proven ability to meet revenue and profitability goals for new and existing products
  • Experience developing and managing �intangible� products and services

Please email cover letter, resume and salary requirements to prodmgmtdev@yahoo.com

SAS Institute, the worlds leading business intelligence company, is looking for warranty experts and consultants to keep up with the growing demand for our SAS Warranty Analysis solution.

SAS has long been the technology of choice for analyzing warranty data across industries. With the introduction of the SAS Warranty Analysis Solution, we have packaged the power of our analytics with years of best practices from our customer base. The result is a comprehensive offering for organizations who want to leverage their warranty data as a corporate asset: reducing warranty costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Due to the accelerating success of our solution, the SAS Warranty Practice is looking for individuals with in-depth knowledge of warranty processes and who understand the value of analytics. These individuals will provide pre-sales support from a warranty process perspective. We are also looking for team oriented consultants for our development and delivery teams.

If you are interested in joining a technology leader and one of the best companies to work for, send resume to Bill Roberts (bill.roberts@sas.com).

Warranty Work:

A closer look at the job titles used by warranty professionals.

Warranty work is a great name for the process whereby new products are repaired for free, with the manufacturer picking up the tab. Warranty work is also a great description of what a warranty professional does all day. And beginning this week, Warranty Work will be the name of a new jobs database to be carried on the Warranty Week Web site.

Numerous times over the past two years, people have contacted the editor about job openings they needed to fill, or more commonly, about their desire to change the jobs they have now. A few times, there has been a match. Inevitably, when somebody actually does change jobs they also change email addresses, so the editor is among the first to know about the change -- even if most of the time it's because a newsletter email bounces back undelivered one Tuesday night. But sometimes the notification arrives in the form of a message asking, "please change my address to comcast.com, Hotmail or AOL, so I can read it at home."

Last week we told you where you work and live. This week, we'll use the limited amount of information available to describe your job. This is the Warranty Work issue. If you're looking for work in the warranty industry, below are 135 different job titles used by other warranty professionals who currently subscribe to this newsletter. Use them as keywords on search engines or in jobs databases such as Warranty Work to help you find positions in the industry.

Last month, we collected a total of 1,447 job titles from our 2,184 email readers, and sorted them into four groups. At the top of the pyramid were all the chairmen, presidents, founders, owners, CEOs, managing directors, and principals. There were 134 of these, for a 9.3% share. Next are all the other top-level executives, vice president or above. There were 179 of these, for a 12.4% share. Together, that's roughly 22% of the job titles in the executive suite. Only four of these executives use the word warranty in their job title, and three of those are working for extended warranty administrators. That means only one VP of Warranty at one manufacturer is among the 2,223 people reading Warranty Week (we gained 45 and lost 6 subscribers last week). Are there more VPs of Warranty out there?

Warranty Managers

We counted 582 managers or directors, a 40.2% managerial share. Not only were they managers of warranty, but also of close cousins such as customer service, technical support, field service, reverse logistics, parts, quality and reliability. And then there were another 552 that fell into an array of allied categories such as engineering, accounting, legal, finance, business development, product development, supply chain, consumer relations, sales, and marketing jobs that were not so obviously related to warranty by name alone. Most surprising was the fact that only 15% of all readers' job titles mentioned the word warranty.

Readers may request an alphabetical list of all 1,447 job titles (just titles, with no names or companies attached). Last week, some 18 readers requested copies from the editor. That's more than the usual response to such offers. It would not have been shocking if absolutely nobody had requested a copy. After all, this is not the most gripping data in history. It's just demographic data about warranty professionals, which may not be interesting even to most warranty professionals. However, we had a hunch that finding the right person in charge of warranty is a significant hurdle for many consulting, software, and professional service providers. Before they can find the warranty professionals, they need to know what warranty professionals call themselves. If 85% of warranty professionals don't use the word warranty in their job titles, they may not be so easy to find.

As for the warranty professionals who actually do use the word warranty in their title, there were 330 in total. These are the people who are definitely warranty professionals in both name and in function. To boil that collection down to just the 135 listed below, all duplicates were eliminated. We can tell you that some of the most recurring job titles were 1) Warranty Manager (25), 2) Manager of Warranty Administration (22), and 3) Warranty Administrator (22). That's one-fifth of all the Warranty in Title jobs.

Privacy Policy

To preserve the privacy of individual readers, in the list below, we had to modify several job titles to remove personally identifying words and acronyms that disclosed the names of brand names, divisions, products, or project teams. In most cases, location-describing words and acronyms were left in (i.e. EMEA), as were generic words that identified the subscriber's industry but not his employer (i.e. Engine Division). Several warranty job titles included the names of specific projects or acronyms, which for the sake of privacy were removed.

Here are the 135 different job titles that included the word warranty:

Account, Client, and Warranty Management
Americas Division Warranty Administrator
Assistant Manager, Warranty Administration
Consumer Notebook Warranty Manager
Contract & Warranty Management
Corporate Warranty Manager
Customer Support & Warranty Manager
Customer Support Warranty Administrator
Director NA Consumer PC Support & Warranty
Director of Consumer Service and Warranty
Director of Customer Warranty
Director of Quality and Warranty
Director of Reliability, Quality & Warranty Customer Satisfaction
Director of Service and Warranty
Director of Warranty
Director of Warranty & Product Performance
Director of Warranty Audits and Analysis
Director, Account, Client and Warranty Management
Director, Warranty & Consumer Service
Director, Warranty & Reliability
Director, Warranty Procurement
Director, Warranty Program Office
Division Warranty Manager
EMEA Warranty Manager
Engine Warranty Manager
Enterprise Warranty Manager
European Warranty Supervisor
Executive Warranty Operation
Extended Warranty Manager
Financial Analysis, Insurance & Warranty Services
Global Manager, Product Lifecycles & Warranty Mgt.
Group Warranty Controller
Industrial Warranty Manager
Maintenance Warranty Administrator
Manager Extended Warranties, Trane Division
Manager of Warranty
Manager of Warranty Administration
Manager of Warranty Analysis
Manager of Warranty for Residential
Manager, Field Service & Warranty
Manager, Service & Warranty Implementation
Manager, Technical Support, Warranty and Reliability
Manager, Warranty Administration
Manager, Warranty and Corporate Quality
Manager, Warranty and Customer Property Return
Manager, Warranty and Reliability Engineering
Manager, Warranty Management Sales
Manager, Warranty Services Division
Manager, Warranty, Worldwide Customer Service
Manager, Warranty & Customer Service
NA Warranty Manager
National Manager, Warranty
National Warranty Manager
North America Warranty Administrator
OEM Warranty Coordinator
Operations Manager Warranty Administration
Planner, Aircraft Warranty
President, Warranty Solutions
Principal Analyst, Warranty
Product Warranty Manager
Program Director, Procurement Warranty
Project Manager, After Market & Warranty
Purchased Warranty Manager
QA - Warranty Recovery
Quality Engineer / Warranty Analyst
Regional Manager, Warranty
Senior Manager, Field/Warranty Operations
Senior Manager, Supplier Quality - Warranty and Supplier Development
Senior Manager, Warranty
Senior Manager, Warranty Administration
Solution Architect - Warranty Claims
Strategic Warranty Engineer
Supervisor Warranty Engineering Supervisor, Warranty and Service Administration
Supplier Quality - Warranty
Supplier Warranty Administrator
Supplier Warranty Manager, Purchasing
Supply Management Specialist, Supplier Warranty
Team Leader, Warranty Analysis
Tech Services Warranty Leader
UK&I Warranty Manager
USA Warranty
Vice President of Warranty Administration
Vice President of Warranty & Finance
Warranty & e-Quality Specialist
Warranty & Finance, IT Systems
Warranty & Reliability Manager
Warranty & Technical Services Manager
Warranty Adjudicator
Warranty Admin., Engine Division
Warranty Administration
Warranty Administrator
Warranty Analysis
Warranty Analyst
Warranty and Channel Delivery Manager
Warranty and Process Improvement, Supplier Technical Assistance
Warranty Business & Product Development Manager
Warranty Claim Specialist, Team Leader
Warranty Claims Specialist
Warranty Clerk
Warranty Communications
Warranty Consultant
Warranty Coordinator
Warranty Coordinator, Europe
Warranty Cost Analysis
Warranty Cost Management Team Leader
Warranty Cost Manager
Warranty Cost, Supplier Quality Manager
Warranty Department
Warranty Director
Warranty Engineer
Warranty Engineer / Quality Analyst
Warranty Expert
Warranty Fund Management
Warranty Management
Warranty Manager
Warranty Processing/Analyst
Warranty Program
Warranty Program Management, Colombia - Ecuador
Warranty Program Manager
Warranty Program Office
Warranty Program Supervisor
Warranty Project
Warranty Reclaim Manager
Warranty Recovery Performance Manager
Warranty Recovery Supervisor
Warranty Review Administrator
Warranty Service Operations
Warranty Service Recruiter
Warranty Specialist
Warranty Strategy and Best Practices Manager
Warranty Supervisor
Warranty Support Services Product Manager
WW Warranty

Warranty Chain Management Conference Approaches Capacity

It may sound far off, but the opening night for the Warranty Chain Management Conference in San Francisco is only three weeks away. More importantly, 187 people have now registered for the event and capacity is only 200, so a sellout is a very real possibility.

The conference agenda is available on the Web page: www.warrantyconference.com/previous-conferences/wcm-2005.html. Registration forms may be downloaded via the following link: www.warrantyconference.com/previous-conferences/wcm-2005.html.

Discount conference rates also are available in advance for hotel rooms occupied between Feb. 27 and March 4, 2005, for a conference scheduled to take place on March 2 and 3 (with an evening reception on March 1). Registrants who need overnight accommodations are strongly urged to make their hotel reservations as soon as possible with the Hyatt at Fisherman�s Wharf, the conference venue, via the following link: fishermanswharf.hyatt.com/groupbooking/alga. Reservations are subject to availability and will be secured on a first-come, first-served basis.

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